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Way forward: children at the centre of climate action

There are practical pathways at different levels for making children at the centre of climate action.

Young children’s needs and voices matter in national resilience action

Mechanisms for prioritising young children’s needs and voices through their caregivers need to be put in place to make national resilience actions inclusive.

Establishing a child-centred focus in climate policy development and planning necessary

While young children are often referred to as the most vulnerable community members within the climate change and environmental degradation context, such framing needs to change with emphasis shifting to seeing children as our most valuable community members.

UNICEF: Gaps between climate policies and young children need to be addressed

Current climate change policies often do not refer to children at all, and if they do refer to children, said policies do not specifically differentiate between the developmental ages or stages (e.g., infancy, toddlers, pre-schoolers etc.).

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Innovative pedagogical approaches in early childhood care and education (ECCE) in the Asia-Pacific region: a resource pack

This resource pack features innovative pedagogical approaches reflected in nine ‘cases’ documented across the Asia-Pacific region.

From Most vulnerable to Most Valuable: A scoping study on putting young children at the heart of environmental and climate actions

ARNEC is pleased to share with you the evidence from the Asia-Pacific region and the insights from experts and partners around the world exploring the deep inte

Full conference documentation report on Young children in crisis: addressing the impact of Covid-19, climate change and environmental degradation

Full documentation report on the Asia-Pacific Regional Conference on ECD

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[webinar] Leveraging Science to Foster Resilience in Families and Communities

An online webinar which builds on the joint initiative between HCDC and the regional networks.

[Webinar] Elevating Childcare as a Political Issue During an Election Year – and Beyond

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